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“For as long as I remember, I could, given the opportunity, spend many an hour browsing a bookstore without getting bored. The endless number of titles in a bookstore always enthralled me.

Then, through my stutter, I was always able to express myself better in the written word than the spoken.  The opportunity to think about what I am saying, to be able to revise what I am saying, and to rephrase a piece of writing until the message was crisp and clear gave me the opportunity to communicate in writing in a way that I could not do verbally.

I became the person of choice in my family to edit any piece of writing and I would go through endless cycles of editing until the family member says to me: “Thank you. You’ve edited it very well. Enough. Please!”  and then proceed to gently push me of the computer screen.  Funny enough, I prefer it too that my sms’s have perfect grammar and language structure!

Further, I have always had a passion for education and teaching. Even during my school days, I spent many hours tutoring my fellow classmates, and those students who were younger than me. I derived great satisfaction when my students’ faces lit up when they understood what I was explaining to them.

When we began homeschooling our children,  we used a curriculum that comprised of living books – autobiographical and fictional books that are based in actual historical settings that teach children history, geography, science, language etc. These books also inculcate a love for literature. My children loved the books, and found them much more interesting than dry text books.

And of course, I always love a good story.

Visits to the Cape Town Book Fair from 2006 and to the London Book Fair in 2008 further stimulated this interest and that it is how I began publishing and distributing educational books. Publishing a book from scratch enables me to use my creative skills to deliver a product that is both unique and appealing.

Knowledge Thirst Media endeavors to reach out to young people by inspiring them, to promote a culture of reading and learning and to sharpen the minds of our rising generation.

We seek to equip the youth with life skills and to boost their self-esteem. We need to captivate the interest of our youth in order to connect with them.

Our books educate and entertain at the same time. They are absorbing & enlightening. The books motivate the youth to be life-long learners, to help create independent individuals who realise their full potential in life.
I look forward to sharing my vision and passion with you through these books and products”

Siraj Ghoor
Creator of Knowledge Thirst Media

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