Cracking China

Travelling home by train one day, Rod MacKenzie closed his eyes and suddenly had a vision of red lanterns and himself teaching Chinese children English. “Go to China,” something told him – and just like that, he did. Cracking China is an account of Rod and his wife Marion’s adventures in the land of chopsticks and Chinglish. Written in the witty style typical of Rod’s popular blogs, this memoir takes a candid look at China through the eyes of a Westerner, and is by turns amusing and thought provoking.

Rod MacKenzie’s insight into the human psyche engages you on a level that is deep and true. ~ Aliki Karasaridis, Mail & Guardian
There are three good reasons I can think of to read Rod MacKenzie’s book. Firstly, he writes beautifully. Secondly, you’ll understand more about the fastest-growing economic powerhouse in the world and thirdly, it will give you something other than crime or racism to talk about at dinner parties. ~ David Bullard
Rod MacKenzie’s writing is often profound, invariably thought provoking and always witty. ~ Llewellyn Kriel
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